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The Authority of a Michigan Sheriff To Deny Law Enforcement Powers to a Deputy, Thomas M. Cooley Law Review, Volume 25, Number 3, 2008, pages 433-462. Authority

POAM v. Leelanau County Sheriff—An Opportunity Missed, 2010. Opportunity

The Notice Provisions of the Alabama Fair Dismissal and Teacher Tenure Acts, 2009. Notice

The Perils of Moral Turpitude, 2011. Perils


Sixth Circuit Fails Pension Math, 67 Labor Law Journal 340, Vol. 67, No. 1, Spring 2016, pages 340-346. Pension

PBGC Rebutted on Arrears, 42 Labor Law Journal 311 (May 1991).

A Simple Interest Problem, 14 The Pension Actuary No. 8 (Special Insert, August 1989).

A Simple Interest Problem-An Update, 16 The Pension Actuary No. 2 (February 1991). 

Frank Cornelius spoke on Withdrawal from Multiemployer Plans: Can You Get Out? Should You Get Out? at Eleventh Annual Labor Law Seminar presented by Institute of Continuing Legal Education, April 1986.

He spoke on Pension Issues in Collective Bargaining at Ninth Annual Labor Law Seminar presented by ICLE, April 1984; address appeared in 10 MI Tax L J 13 (October-December 1984).


Supreme Court, Legislature Say “Yes” to Michigan’s Trade Secrets, Michigan’s Law of Trade Secrets and Covenants Not to Compete after Hayes-Albion and Repeal of the Non-Compete Statute. First such analysis ever written on Michigan law. Distributed at Eleventh Annual Intellectual Property Law Workshop, August 1-3, 1985, sponsored by Patent, Trademark & Copyright Section of the State Bar of Michigan, and distributed through the Institute of Continuing Legal Education at the University of Michigan Law School. Revised edition appeared in 64 U Det L Rev 1-127 (1986).

Michigan’s Law of Trade Secrets and Covenants Not to Compete: Chapter Two, 66 U Det L Rev 33-47 (1988).

These law review articles are cited in Trade Secrets, A State-by-State Survey (ABA/BNA 3rd ed 2006) 1940, 1950, 1964, 1966; Chem-Trend, Inc v McCarthy, 780 F Supp 458, 461 (ED Mich); Ohio and Michigan Law on Postemployment Covenants Not to Compete, 55 Ohio St L J 215 (1994), 227 fn 63, 231 fns 75, 80, 81, 232 fn 89; Covenants Not to Compete, A State-by-State Survey (ABA/BNA 2nd ed 1996) 595, 601.

Frank Cornelius’ two trade secrets articles are posted together at Trade Secrets.

He has taught trade secrets and confidential information courses through the Intellectual Property Law Institute, sponsored by the University of Windsor, University of Detroit and Wayne State University, Fall 1988 & Winter 1990. He spoke on The Disparate Treatment of Technical and Business Information under Michigan Trade Secrets Law, at the Annual Seminar of the Intellectual Property Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan, March 1990.

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